With the Euroracers GPT script you can earn money with thes internet marketing options:

  • affiliate marketing
  • e-mail marketing
  • cashback marketing
  • niche marketing
  • click marketing
  • banner marketing

GPT script marketing options

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How it works

Let me explain you how affiliate marketing works:

The Euroracers GPT script works with affiliates, we pay our affiliates 5% of what we earn on every sale.
We have special advertisement for our affiliates to promote our GPT script.

When a customer clicks on an affiliate advertisement and buys our GPT script we earn money and we give the affiliate that brought the customer to our site 5% of what we have earned.

This is a win-win situation, we only pay our affiliates if we sell something. And the affiliate earns a nice amount of money for every sale.

Because a company only pays when a potential customer actually buys something , affiliate marketing is a very popular way of advertising on internet.

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Let companies reward you for bringing customers to their websites.

An Advertiser Offers AffiliateLinks.
You Promote these Links
on your Website & in Emails.
Your Member Buys
a Product.
You get Cash
from the Advertiser.
Your Member can get
a Reward from You.


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  • Get Paid To Click Ads
  • Get Paid To Shop Ads
  • Unlimitted Referral Levels
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  • VIP
Basic license includes:
  • Basic Layout (with PSD-files)
  • Complete admin area
  • Multilanguage
  • Get Paid To Click Ads
  • Get Paid To Shop Ads
  • Get Paid To Read Ads
  • Unlimitted Referral Levels
  • Lifetime License
  • Click Contest
  • Auctions
  • VIP

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